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I make BAR stocks to fit my receiver parts. With the variation in BAR manufacturers over the years, I have detected a slight difference in some guns in the wood to metal fit. This is not a big difference in most cases, but the situation could arise where minor fitting may be ncessary (it hasn’t been a problem to date, but I worry a little to much sometimes).

I can replicate the various styles of 1918 stocks made from the early raised comb model as seen above to the later straight comb, the A2 and the rare Colt Monitor. 

Like my thompson work, the customer will need to provide some of their metal components (like a butt plate for example) for proper fit to the stocks if the whole gun is not sent.

Stocks and front grips are made from the same stock blank for proper match.

Prices start at $200 for the butt stock (all types), A2 front grip $170, 1918 front grip with checkering $190. Fancy grades of wood available for extra cost.

This Monitor reproduction is an example of a Monitor set I made.  This is an Ohio Ordnance semi automatic gun in its original life, a pistol grip has been added to the trigger frame, as well as the appropriate Monitor type buttstock and front grip.  Other metal work also altered the lines of the trigger frame, barrel and gas tube to get the proper overall appearance of a Monitor.  This is one example of the custom work I like to do.
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