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Most of my stocks are made from Iowa black walnut (juglans nigra) and unstained, it is a nice chocolate color (see above AAA set). But stained (below) will take on the typical color of a vintage colt thompson look. Original colt thompson stocks were made by Remington. Short of a time machine or color photographs (also not invented yet) from the 1920’s it will forever be a bit of a mystery what the exact color of the stocks as the left the factory. Time, oxidation, additional rubbings of linseed oil or other treatments have created the variation in colors seen in vintage colt wood.


 Stock sets are available in a variety of fancy grade woods for those who might desire it, but by far the most common request is standard straight grain wood to match original design. I typically stain to try and match what a vintage well cared for 1921 might look like. If I am making a single part of the three piece set, I can try and match your other pieces. To make the typical stock set I only need the stock slide assembly (for 21/28) and butt plate, then matching the wood to metal fit of the grips to my guns.

2021 Prices for Thompson stocks start at $240 for complete sets.

$130 for butt stock,

$60 for front grips (horizontal or vertical)

$50 for rear grips.

These are straight plain grain like the originals with stain and 1 coat of linseed oil finish.  Other finish type for additional charge.

Fancy grain black walnut typically goes for $400-500 for complete sets (depending upon the grain).

M1A1 version below.

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