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Welcome! 2021! A sight update finally.  I build guns.. and don't spend that much time on IT...   But, with an email change it was finally time to update my web site.The original Colt Thompson 1921 submachine gun was a thing of beauty. Remington built the wood components for those 15,000 guns and no factory has since then duplicated the lines and wood finish. I'm doing my best to duplicate original Thompson stocks.

Using original wood as my models, I make new stocks and grips to refit your vintage 1921, 1928, M1, M1A1, or the newer West Hurley and Kahr made 1927's. Wood is available in straight grain walnut, stained to match vintage well cared for Colt Thompsons, or in fancy grain walnut to dress up that special gun. No project to big or small.

Note email address in picture below for contact (not clickable).
While building stocks for thompson machine guns was my basic start in the gun business, I have also specialized in the BAR and several other machine guns.


See my other pages for custom stocks and other items.

References available on request, I also frequent the Thompson site at
I post as Deerslayer on that message board.

My stock work is a feature of a museum or two, and in the movies, most notably with the film Public Enemy where Johnny Depp is using studio guns with my stocks.  Also, the past Band of Brothers HBO movie about the pacific had a few of my stocks in that production.

While I am licensed dealer (FFL 01/07 Class 2 SOT) in firearms of all type including NFA and can receive your gun for custom fit, I like to save customers money if possible and spare the considerable expense of shipping a valuable gun back and forth. This may require just a bit of extra work, but can be done with highly satisfactory results using my guns in many occasions.

I have also specialized in building post sample .22 machine guns.  While this is a very narrow niche market, it is worthy of note to other dealers and law enforcement cliants.  See seperate page for details.

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